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ARCH is a non-profit organization, founded by Francesca von Habsburg, and dedicated to the conservation, preservation and restoration of cultural heritage. The foundation’s millennium project is STATE OF THE ART, an awareness campaign in which contemporary artists adopt cultural heritage sites and dedicate works of art to the corresponding sites. These will be shown on the internet and in large scale projections onto natural and artificial surfaces in a number of metropolitan cities around the world during the awareness campaign which will reach its peak in the year 2000. Countries whose cultural treasures are a part of the campaign, include Croatia, Austria, Turkey, Russia, Japan, Cambodia, China, Morocco, Mexico, Chile, India, and Spain. Contemporary artists and architects dedicating their time and effort include Joerg Immendorff, Julian Schnabel, Jim Dine, Ross Bleckner, Marie-Jo Lafontaine, Stephan von Huene, James Rosenquist, Sergei Bugaev Africa, Brian Eno, and Frank Gehry. In concordance with the cutting-edge nature of STATE OF THE ART, ARCH is also planning a symposium on virtual museums on the internet, during which the parameters for such an art institution will be defined.

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